I Will Quit@Freshi

“I Will Quit@Freshi”  is a special initiative from  Fresh Inspirations to help smokers quit smoking.

We will help you to quit the habit which kills 900,000 people every year in India, and unless corrective action is taken soon that number will increase to 1 million smoking-related deaths annually by 2010 and beyond, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine and conducted by scientists from India, Canada and the UK.

We don’t charge any fees or any donations for this initiative and we also don’t provide or sale any type of medicines for  the same.

We will help you by providing One-on-one counseling through emails. This service is absolutely free.

Lets start :


Process 1  – Accept your decision : Since your reason for smoking is psychological, the ways to quit smoking should also begin with psychological conditioning! Remember, it’s all in the mind – you own your mind and not the other way round! So accept your decision and be determined to kick-off smoking

Process 2Sent a mail to us : Fill up the below mentioned  questionnaire and send to us on iwillquit@zoho.com


Questionnaire :


Questions Your answer
Smoking since  
Marital Status  
If married, Does your spouse smoke?  
Mail ID  
How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day?  

Process 3 –  Our Journey Begins ! :  We promise you that we will always be there for you  in this extraordinary journey and will surely make a difference in your life.

We will keep trying till you don’t quit and will always keep you moving toward a healthy life.

“We welcome any one from any where who want to quit this habit”



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