Get rid of Casual attitude : Kargil hero

India’s one of the best known heroes from Kargil war, Col (retd) Lalit Rai, shared his experiences of Operation Vijay with the members a Entrepreneurs’ Organisation in Ahmedabad.

Col Rai not only shared his experiences during the war, but also talked about the challenges and struggles that he along with his valiant men faced in the cold desolate mountains of Batalik sector at the Line of Control under extremely difficult and dangerous conditions and situations.
Col Rai, said, “To be patriotic, one need not be part of the defence forces. It’s very important that we Indians get rid of our ‘chalta hai – Casual attitude’  as soon as possible as this is what has made us all vulnerable to attacks and violence. Each and every individual has to be conscious and contribute to building a national character for a better and secured nation.”

Col Rai commanded the elite 1/11 Gorkha Rifles in Operation Vijay in one of the fiercest battles on the formidable heights of Khalubar and despite grave bullet and splinter injuries, led his men from the front to critical success.

The president awarded Col Rai the gallantry award, Vir Chakra, for conspicuous bravery of an exceptional order and inspirational leadership.

His battalion was awarded the coveted Chief of Army Staff Unit Citation and conferred the title of the ‘Bravest of the Brave’ for its sterling success during Operation Vijay.

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One thought on “Get rid of Casual attitude : Kargil hero

  1. Gorkahs contribute a lot to the nation , but always face attrocities form common Indians having Chinky looks , and being humiliated as foreigners.

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