Cyclone Yasi in Australia.. Climate Change?

The recent cyclone that nailed Australia, Cyclone Yasi (one of the worst in the country’s history) cannot be conclusively tied to climate change. However, it cannot not be tied to it either. What? The point many climate change deniers will be more than eager to make when discussing this tremendous cyclone is that you cannot … More Cyclone Yasi in Australia.. Climate Change?

Hosni Mubarak – The “Go” man

Short Bio of Hosni Mubarak Hosni Mubarak is the current President of Egypt. He was appointed Vice-President in 1975, by President Anwar Al Sadat. He became Egypt’s President in October 1981 after Sadat’s assassination. He has since been reelected several times. Mubarak’s presidency has been characterized by excellent diplomatic relations with the United States. On … More Hosni Mubarak – The “Go” man