An inspirational women : Alayjiah Bargnare

Alayjiah Bargnare’s candid autobiography tells the tale of an emotionally and sexually abused young woman who searches for love and acceptance in all the wrong places, but who never gives up, and finally overcomes her dark past and becomes successful in life.

Alayjiah Bargnare announced the release of Girl You Are Worth a Million Dollars, The True Story of a Young Independent Poor Black Mother of Three Who Struggles to Become Successful Despite Her Circumstances, An inspirational story that motivates readers never to give up on their own dreams.

Alayjiah’s autobiography graphically tells how she was able to overcome the consequences of her early emotional and sexual abuse and create a successful life for herself, despite all the odds being against her.

Molested as a young child, raped several times, the author comes to blame herself for the abusive past that continues to embarrass and disgust her. She longs only for the man of her dreams to love her and to protect her.

Determined to make a fresh start for herself and to escape the wild sexual history she’s become involved in, she finds what she hopes will be a redeeming relationship; but it turns out to be the most dangerous involvement of her life. She ends up feeling more worthless, more hopeless than ever before.

Remarkably, she is able to make the choice that she will no longer be the victim of these tragedies and she vows to stop at nothing until she reaches success. Girl You Are Worth a Million Dollars shows that no woman should ever have to endure abuse or even settle for mediocrity in her life. Alayjiah’s story is a model for any woman to learn how to believe in herself.



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