Smallest Baby In India – Against All Odds!

Smallest BabyIt is most definitely a miracle baby to take home for proud mother Shaila Pawar, resident of Kasare Village in the Parner Taluk. This 36-year-old mother, Shaila Pawar who had faced thirteen failed pregnancies in the past years is now happy as her four month old baby and the smallest baby in India , Sayalee is looking healthy and most importantly has survived.

Shaila Pawar, who has faced a lot of turmoil moments in relation to having a family, feels proud to say that her 495gms infant baby, Sayalee, has entered the Records for being the smallest baby  in India.

Mother, Shaila Pawar who could not conceive easily, stated that she suffered to get pregnant due to severe pregnancy-induced hypertension. The smallest baby in India, Sayalee, is now getting artificial breathing support to regularize her breathing.

The proud father of the smallest baby in India, Laxman Pawar who is stunned to see his child, says that although he finds it extremely difficult to travel the distance from his remote village to Narayangaon hospital, all disappears when he sees his beautiful daughter and smallest baby in India, Sayalee.

The doctors, Dr Sandeep and Dr. Smita Dole at the hospital stated that this was really a surprise for them to see Sayalee, the smallest baby in India. They feel proud about the success in delivering a baby who is just 27 weeks old.

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