What has been achieved by women in India?


One thought on “What has been achieved by women in India?

  1. One name can be added in Marine Engineer Indian candidate from MERI Kolkata-as per interview appeared in news paper in year 2008–

    “Most of the women came to know about the course only when they came across advertisements in newspapers. Says Archana Saxena, one women cadets from Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune, “I hadn’t heard about marine engineering till I saw the ad for admission. After reading it, I found out details about a marine engineer’s job and ended up liking the profile. I always wanted to do something different from others.” A little research, words of assurance from friends, family and the institute help in getting the women on board. Jaipur girl Ruchi Tripathi, who graduated from MERI, Kolkata, faced some opposition from home when she filled up the form along with the IIT application. “They were apprehensive initially. But when they learnt about the course, the prospects and saw the college, they were reassured,” says Tripathi. She is presently on vacation at home after completing a six-month contract period with a foreign shipping company”

    Fortunetely she is my d’in law.

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