How do you motivate yourself?

How do you motivate yourself?


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“Hunt for the Best Self-Motivation Method” 


Motivation is a strange beast. When you have it, life seems great and the world is your oyster. When you are unmotivated, however, even the simplest of tasks can be a struggle to complete.

 Lack of motivation is something that I often have to deal with, and I know I am not alone.

So today we are interested to hear your own personal methods for motivating yourself. Is it something as simple as a song? Or, are you driven by something much deeper and personal? Please share with us.

We shall then pick top 5 Self-Motivation methods and will create a poll where we will invite you to vote and to invite your near & dears to vote for the most impressive & easy-to-use Self-Motivation method.

The grand winner will get a chance to be featured on and will be awarded with Year 2011 FI Award – Inspirational Common Man/Woman

 Send us your entries on

 Please don’t forget to send us the followings along with your entry:


  1. Full Name
  2. Gender
  3. Age
  4. City
  5. Country


Please submit your entry before 20th March 2011 and please note that we don’t charge any participation fees nor accept any type of monetary help or donations.



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