Happy Holi – Hair & skin care tips

Get Gorgeous: Hair & skin care tips for Holi

Holi, apart from being a Hindu festival of great significance is also a festival that brings a much-welcomed breather in the lives of many. The festival of colours started out by people making the coloured powder and water out of flowers and other natural substances. The scenario as we all know has changed as companies sell colours that include harmful chemicals that can lead to a multitude of health problems, cancer being one such. A lot of people recommend that making one’s own colours using natural substances like vegetables and indigo is the best option available, but then, how many of us actually have the time to make these dyes? The next best bet would be to ensure you buy your colours from a trusted company that uses natural products.

Get Gorgeous: Hair & skin care tips for Holi

Other precautions you should take before this festival are as follows:

– Apply castor/olive/coconut/almond oil to your hair.
– Apply moisturiser/oil on the parts of your body that are bound to be exposed, like your hands and face.
– Use an under-eye gel that will help protect this very sensitive portion of your face.
– For women: Makeup is a good thing as it actually adds on more layers and hence keeps the colour that much further away from your skin. This is true provided you are using good makeup that is known to have no adverse effects on your skin. Powder makeup is better off avoided.
– Use Vaseline on your lips.
– Use Vaseline on your nails as well. Women can even opt for nail enamel.
– A source also suggests applying talcum powder over the existing moisturising lotion/oil on your skin is a good touch as well.

Get Gorgeous: Hair & skin care tips for Holi

Okay, so now you’ve had a jolly good time dousing your friends with colour and inevitably getting doused yourself. You return home soaked with colour. What should you do?

– Rinse the colours off using cold water as hot water would only make the colour harder to get off. In case you had a dry Holi session, dust yourself off before you step into that shower.
– Do not repeatedly wash your face even if you are desperate to get that jot of pink out of your skin, as this would lead to extreme dryness.
– Do not use a hard or rough surface to clean your skin. This also means no scrubbing.
– Try to use a cleanser instead of soap.
– Do not use kerosene or spirits to get the colour off.
– Don’t wait too long to get that colour out of your hair as it makes the hair brittle and dry.
– After you’re done bathing, remember to lavishly apply moisturiser on your skin.
– Ladies, please avoid facials or bleaching for at least a week after Holi.
– Apply almond/olive/coconut oil everyday for a week or two after the festival to ensure that you don’t lose too much hair.
– In case you have an allergic reaction, say itching, burning or rashes, apply calamine lotion for relief and consult a skin specialist immediately.

This being said, we wish you a happy and healthy Holi as well as a colourful year ahead!



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