Kiran Soni Gupta – An Artist and Social Activist cum IAS Officer

Kiran Soni Gupta is an artist, writer and an activist administrator.  After joining the Indian Administrative Service in 1985, she has held various distinguished assignments in the Government of India, Kerala & Rajasthan.



Personal Profile of Kiran Soni Gupta

She has studied public policy and development at Maxwell Syracuse and the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University where she was a Mason Fellow in 2005-06.  Kiran is married to Madhukar Gupta  (who himself is an Indian Administrative Service officer) and has two children.  she is currently posted as Divisional Commissioner in Jaipur.

Social Activist

Her works very vividly reflect not only her conviction and clarity on issues relating to women, children, poverty, development, environment but also her keen sense of observation, humility and above all an abounding faith in god and service to humanity and mankind.

From sketches, pen & ink works to mixed media she has given new horizons to art forms both traditional and modern.

Showcase Art – Work in International Events

Kiran’s art work celebrated at many international art events in California, New York, Cambridge, Syracuse, Toronto, Chicago, London, Iran and Sri Lanka has quenched the art thirst of international art lovers and connoisseurs. At home Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Himachal Pradesh (Kulu), and Ludhiana have witnessed the splendour of her art expositions.

She has been featured in the coffee table book Voice of Substance and an exclusive magazine WOW (World of Women) by The Times of India group.

Her most recent successful exposition” Incredible India: Life in Color” at Ottawa and Desert Symphony” at New Delhi was most defining moment in her art journey.

Artistic Achievements of  Kiran Soni Gupta

Kiran Soni Gupta has been honored with a number of prestigious awards for her contribution to the world of art. She just successfully completed the most coveted art residency at Centrum at Port Townsend in US.

The most recent being the “Artist of the year-2009” She was also conferred “Achiever of the Year-2009” and ‘Kala Shiromani’ award in 2008. Her painting on ‘Famine’ depicting its impact on women and children in India was one of the greatest achievements that won her the National Award in 2003.

Kiran also won honors for her artwork “Matters of Heart- 2004” in the All India Fine Arts Exhibition.



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