Child Writes Note to Protect Self and Mother from Drunk Driving

When Latanya Evans drove drunk, her nine-year-old daughter had the courage to alert the authorities, keeping both of them safe from harm.

Imagine having the courage, at just nine years old, to stand up and tell someone if your mother is doing something that puts both of your lives in danger.

A girl from Detroit did just that two weeks ago, slipping a note to a bank teller asking for help. Her mother, Latanya Renee Evans, had been drinking heavily before driving to the bank with her daughter. The girl was afraid to get back into the car with her.

The girl waited with the bank teller, and called her father for a ride home. After her mother got into the car alone, the bank teller called the police to report her. A quarter mile from the bank, she was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. “She subsequently failed field sobriety tests, including a preliminary breath test, and was placed under arrest,”

“The girl was very smart and did the right thing,” he said. “She tried to get her mother help, and she refused to get back in the car with her mom because she had been drinking.”

As it turned out, this wasn’t Evans’ first offense: She’d had her license suspended twice before for drinking and driving, and her license was suspended at the time of the incident.

Although this is a sad story in many respects, it’s a tribute to the woman’s daughter that she was able to take a stand to protect herself and her mother. Thanks to her brave actions, her mother may finally get the help she needs.



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