Daily Pizza Habit Saves Woman’s Life

Pizza delivery driver Susan Guy was surprised that a regular customer hadn’t called in a few days — so she went to the woman’s home and alerted rescue officials, saving her life.

Most of the time, people are told that eating too much pizza is bad for their health. But for Jean Wilson of Memphis, Tenn., eating pizza every day may have saved her life.

Wilson, an elderly woman, has placed an order for a large pepperoni pizza to her local pizza place every day. She was such a frequent customer that the restaurant would make the pizza in advance, before she even called.

But for three days, Wilson didn’t call—and delivery driver Susan Guy got worried. She asked her boss for permission to go and check on Wilson. “He was like, ‘Naw, you don’t have to do that,’ and I said, ‘Yeah I do.  Clock me out if that’s what you gotta do,’”Guy told WMC-TV.

Guy went to Wilson’s house and knocked on the door. No one answered. Then she went across the street to ask the neighbor if he’d seen her. He hadn’t. Guy knew that Wilson rarely left her home, so there was a good chance she was in trouble. She called 911.

The police broke into the home to find Wilson lying on the floor. She’d slipped several days ago, and wasn’t able to get to a phone for help. Guy’s investigation likely saved her life.

As of earlier this week, Wilson was hospitalized, but in stable condition. She may need to switch from pizza to hospital food for a while, but she should be back home soon. The next time she orders a pizza, here’s hoping she gives Guy a big tip.



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