Of failed kidney & passed SSC exam

Aditya Bannerjee, 16, was trembling while writing his Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exams. It was not because he was nervous, but Aditya’s kidneys were not supporting his body, as he wrote the papers.

A student of St Lawrence High School in Kandivli, Aditya never let his failing health stand in the way of his academics.

Despite suffering from chronic renal failure, the teenager was determined to appear for his SSC board exams. And on Friday, he was elated to find out that he passed with distinction — 89%. Born with the rare condition, Aditya’s health worsened just as his exams were about to begin in March.

His parents immediately got him admitted to the hospital and he was put on intravenous therapy.

But Aditya refused to give up. Every day, he went to his exam centre directly from the hospital. “My parents and teachers kept asking me to appear for the SSC exams next year, but I did not want my medical condition to affect my life. I was prepared for the exams and decided to give them, come what may,” said the spirited teenager.

Till date, Aditya has been admitted to hospitals at least 10 times, and seems quite comfortable there.

Two years ago, a crucial uretrostomy surgery (See box) saved his life.

“Most of his life has been spent in the hospital rooms. He cannot even walk without support, but he is self-motivated and does not want to depend on others,” said his proud mother, Soma Bannerjee.

“He lives on the brink of danger all the time, not because of drinking or driving fast cars like boys his age, but because his kidney does not function properly,” said his father Ashok Bannerjee, a manager at a private firm.

But Aditya sees these challenges in life not as obstacles, but stepping stones, added his mother.

“I have not thought about what I want to become when I grow up, but I am not going to live my life in the fear of my health,” said the braveheart teenager.

Source : http://www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/report_of-failed-kidney-and-passed-ssc-exam_1556899

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