Let the world know that bravery isn’t restricted to fairy tale

When we were young, our parents regaled us with tales of courage and valour.

But now, its time for a reality check. Here, you will find true incidents of bravery, which are more heart-warming and inspiring than any tale you’ve ever heard.

Read these stories, vote for them, spread them over the internet—let the world know that bravery isn’t restricted to fairy tales

Brave Pawan

Source:  Times of India  On:   04/21/2011
Place:  Delhi
Pawan Kumar, a pantry car in-charge for the Rajdhani Express, can be credited with saving about 150 people from a torturous, burning death. The Rajdhani Express from Mumbai-Delhi caught fire at around 2 am. Noticing this, Pawan Kumar stopped the train at about 2.10 am and urged all the passengers to get off the train. By about 2.20 am, ALL the passengers were out of the train. Co-travellers ensured Pawan Kumar got his share of the limelight from the press, but will that be enough? We think not, hence Godfrey Phillips has decided to confer a special award upon Pawan Kumar. Any man who can save 150 people with his presence of mind deserves all this and much more. We salute you, Pawan Kumar.


Fight Against Terrorism

Source:  Wikipedia  On:   04/01/2011
Place:  Mumbai
Joint Commissioner of Police Hemant Karkare was the chief of the Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad. He was killed during the 2008 Mumbai attacks after being shot three times in the chest. He was also involved in the investigation of the serial bomb blasts in Thane, Vashi and Panvel, and led the investigation of the 29 September blast in Malegaon.His bravery was honoured with the Ashoka Chakra on 26 January 2009.


My Mother Most Beautiful

Source:  Dr. Sushil Gupta  On:   03/15/2011
Place:  Punjab
Dr. Sushil Gupta, the Founder-President of the NGO, My Mother Most Beautiful, has proved to the world that with courage and determination, a one-man initiative can develop into a mass movement. A few years back, he fell in a ditch in Amritsar. He lodged a complaint with the civic authorities but didn’t receive any response. Determined to get the problem solved, he recruited needy people and with their help, filled the ditch on his own. After this incident, Dr. Gupta came up with a master plan. He decided to tackle the twin problems of a clean city and alcoholism by recruiting alcoholics to clean up the city, on the condition that they never touch liquor again. He would take this team out to plant trees and clean roads every single day. The effort would cost him 8 hours of labour per day and about Rs. 10,000-15,000 per month. Dr. Gupta’s team removes polythene bags from drains and ropes from poles. They have also planted scores of trees in the city. Many philanthropists have since joined Dr. Gupta in this noble cause. Even his wife and some rickshaw drivers have come forward to contribute to the cause. He organises rallies and workshops to create public awareness about environmental issues. He has been invited to schools and colleges, and at present has about 1.2 lakh students supporting and believing in the issues being tackled by him. He truly believes that his Motherland is the Most Beautiful.


Pedwali Amma

Source:  Smt. Birmati  On:   03/15/2011
Place:  Haryana
Smt. Birmati has aptly been named as the Pedwali Amma in the Mahendragarh District of Haryana. She has to her credit a massive tree plantation drive in about 35 acres of land. But for this mother of five daughters, life is more than just planting trees. In 1977, she was elected to the village panchayat, and rose to become the village sarpanch eleven years later. After receiving training in the Community Development Training Centre in 1987-88, she worked tirelessly for propagating small family norms. She has also worked tirelessly against female foeticide, child labour, girl illiteracy, dowry addiction and many other social evils. She has created awareness about these social ills through stage shows and group discussions. Her efforts ensured that the male-female ratio in Mahendragarh District rose from 1000:810 to 1000:907. Truly, she has planted the seeds of hope in the minds of many people.

Noble Doctor

Source:  Dr. Kamaljit Soi  On:   03/15/2011
Place:  Punjab
Doctors, by the nature of their profession, have nobility thrust upon them by the community. There is one man though, who went beyond the call of duty and in a true sense, saved the lives of many souls. Dr. Kamaljit Soi was driving from Ludhiana to Chandigarh when he witnessed a terrible accident between two cars. By sheer impulse, he put the brakes on his car and stepped out to see the damage. Two people were struggling in one car, while there were nine in the other. Showing great responsibility and presence of mind, Dr. Soi helped them come out of their vehicles. In the meantime, he called for an ambulance and sent some of the injured people to hospital. Unselfishly, he took a few seriously injured people in his own car. All eleven people reached the hospital in time. And it didn’t end there—Dr. Soi donated his own blood and arranged for 30 more units of blood. He also informed the relatives of the injured. Until they came to take charge, Dr. Soi stayed with the patients until morning. Doctor or Devta? You decide.

Courageous Boatman

Source:  Sh. Hem Raj  On:   03/15/2011
Place:  Himachal Pradesh
Shri Hem Raj—a humble boatman by profession, but a hero in reality. He is a Superman in his own right, a man sent to earth by God to save lives. His first act of heroism was in 2004. To recount the incident: a man was drawing water from a canal when he suddenly slipped and fell into it. Shri Hem Raj, without batting an eyelid, jumped into the canal to save the man. Similarly, in 2007 while he was working at Drazor of BBMB Lake, he saw a lady drowning. On instinct, he took his boat to the spot and jumped into the water to save the lady. In the same year in August, while he was travelling to Sundernagar, he saved a drowning bull. Shri Hem Raj, quite fittingly, has been given the sobriquet of ‘Courageous Boatman’, but he is far more than that. He is a stellar human being.

Cost of the Crop

Source:  Moderator  On:   02/11/2010  
We are a bunch of farmers from the Nagra village of UP who sell our seasonal produce to an agent who pays us the market price of our produce. We thought it was the right price, till Vinay, son of one of our farmer brothers told us that the agent was fooling us. He had personally gone to the market and found the right price of the produce. He took a lead in demanding the right price from the agent. But the agent did not agree to him. He kept on fighting on our behalf for getting the right price from agent. Finally, he himself gathered us and we sold the crop on our own in the market. In spite of several threats and attacks from the agent and his men, Vinay stood by us and got us the right value for our crop. Today, we sell our own crop in the market and get the right price. Please let everybody else know Vinay’s story.

Source : http://www.bebrave.in/true-stories-read-more.aspx

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