5 Ways of Coping With a Bad Day

It is not unusual when you sometimes wake up and have a abnormal feelings  resulting in bad temper. You are unaware of the reasons for such behavior with no clue if asked. From inside you are fighting to counter such feeling but you are unable to. This is very important that you control yourself during these times as your mood can ruin your day and you will get out of control. You have to overcome such feelings to bring yourself back to normal.

1. Keep maximum silence! Avoid talking loud and hold your tongue by not saying every odd thing that comes to your mind. You should enable your inner filter and hold words that sound hurtful, out of context, or stupid. Bloating is not the right thing to do during this time.

2. Avoid harming others both physically and verbally! Lashing out at others will leave you in an escalating conflict which will be regretted later. Try to keep your cool and avoid confrontation to deal with the situation in positive manner. This is noticed that people struggle to avoid unnecessary attitudinal gestures that can spoil a day.

3. Breathe deeply to relieve stress! Normal breathing is something that keeps you alive and taken for granted. You should sit back in a chair and relax by closing your eyes and start breathing deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. This is preferable that the practice should be for ten times in a single sitting. This is the simplest way being practiced by millions for relaxation and for clear thinking. This is acknowledged that the practice is worthy. When you are unable to deal with major stress, purposeful breathing is the best way to bring calm. Purposeful breathing is also found in number of anger management programs.

4. Avoid fighting with your stress! This is for sure that the off feeling is temporary one and will become part of history. You must have heard this from your mother that “This too shall pass”. May you will not agree at the time of stress but at a later stage you will admit that. You should realize that you are going through stress, so try to keep yourself busy to stay calm during this phase. Even if you mark a bad day on a calendar, soon you will realize that the bad days are over and forgotten.

5. Try to be antisocial in stress days! The odd days are not good for outings, lunches or otherwise and isolate yourself. When you are alone, you will be in better position to compose yourself. You can stay in your room or some confined place and overcome your stress to come out good the next day.

Source : http://panic-attacks.maxupdates.tv/5-ways-of-coping-with-a-bad-day/

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