You deserve to live a happy life

You deserve to live a happy life

If you will always be tense, then you can die of a brain hemorrhage. One fine morning, you will not wake up ; just try to visualize such a morning, when your kids, your wife, your parents, and your siblings will not be able to wake you. Try to visualize the mourning scenes for you. Your life does not have as much tension as the one that you put into your brain. Your brain is, actually, thinking negatively, and this is why a negative environment forms around you.

Let things happen, and take life as it comes. I promise you that it will come well. Let people approach you ; don’t fear them ; I promise that they won’t harm you. You cannot always use your brain to think of your future or your past ; you have to use your brain to think mostly about the present. Take things lightly, don’t get angry quickly, don’t be very greedy, don’t nurse an inferiority-complex, don’t have many fears, don’t harbor a jealousy, and don’t keep too many grudges. Your life is too short to do so.

You have to be soft to yourself ; don’t analyze every situation ; don’t analyze everyone’s behavior. Keep your brain and heart happy ; it will, surely, make your life and world full of happiness.Take care of your brain ; it’s everything for you, and you are nothing without it. How much you can keep yourself happy, and till when, is what life is actually all about.

Try to keep yourself without gadgets, and keep yourself near Nature, as much as you can. Spend some time with kids ; nothing is better than this, for the kids and you. Don’t lie, because lying spoils your present and your future. Speak the truth, to live a better life. Don’t do anything that your conscience doesn’t allow. Life is easy, so keep it easy. Don’t think so much, that your mind gets tense.

You deserve to live a happy life.



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