Ranchi doctor treats his patients only at Rs 5

Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee has been treating poor patients for a mere Rs five for the last 55 years. His low consultation charges have helped many poor patients in times of sickness when other doctors and hospitals are too expensive for them.

Dr SP Mukherjee said, “I have learnt that one has to draw a line and to know how much is enough. That’s the point that one should look for because if I am the doctor I should have a sympathetic attitude to my patients. Everything cannot be commercial. If I would have liked to become a billionaire or millionaire, I should have taken up some other profession.”

One of the families who have immense respesct for 75-year-old doctor is that of Harinandan Singh. Singh, who like any other father wanted the best cure for his sick son, but he couldn’t afford it. At this point of time, Dr Mukherjee was a saviour for them. He treated his son by charging only Rs 5.

Thhis God-Like doctor for his patients, has been following his professions’ Hippocratic oath every single day since 1957. Dr Mukherjee spends two hours everyday in his Lalpur Pathology Lab. What he earns in the pathology lab helps him give free medicines to patients and treat them for just Rs 5 –



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