Miracle baby begins feeding 8 months after birth

A year ago, when baby Yogi was born on November 11, Vijay and Prema Khatri’s joy knew no bounds. They had finally become biological parents of a child after over a decade of their marriage. The couple who had adopted a baby daughter from Missionaries of Charity, were not expecting a miracle but birth of Yogi was just that – a miracle.

However, their joy was short-lived when their son threw up the first feed of breast-milk offered by the mother. By next day, he was throwing up bile. His heart was slowing down, his breathing laboured. Detailed medical examinations revealed that the child had severe intestinal obstruction because of which he was not able to digest any milk.

He was immediately operated upon wherein a big deal of his intestine which plays a key role in absorbing nutrition had to be removed. The question now was how to make the child survive the next few months till the tissues in his intestines are healed and ready to absorb nutrition. It was a catch-22 situation – the intestines need rest for healing but if the child is not supported with nutrition, he will not survive till the intestines heal!

“We hospitalized him and took charge of the difficult task of managing his nutrition without giving him any oral feeding. The nutrition had to be micro-managed where we would supply all the nutrition including carbohydrates, proteins, fat and as well as copper, zinc and other minerals and trace elements a child needs during his growing months,” said neo-natal specialist Dr Ashish Mehta who looked after the child along with his associate Dr Manish Shah.

It took an excruciating eight months for the child’s intestines to heal completely and absorb the food offered through milk bottle. “These were the toughest eight months of our lives. It drained us emotionally, physically and financially but all the efforts paid off when Yogi drank his first bottle of milk and did not throw up,” says father Vijay.

The couple has an adopted daughter Zeel (8) who studies in Mount Carmel School. Vijay says that little girl prayed all through the ordeal. “If Yogi is alive today, it is thanks to the prayers offered by Zeel,” says Vijay.

Dr Mehta said that the child is doing absolutely fine.

Source : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad/Miracle-baby-begins-feeding-8-months-after-birth/articleshow/10636355.cms

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