Faith is giving Divine a chance to act. We all say that God is omniscient and omnipresent, but when it comes to surrendering everything on to Him, we tend to question his existence. In this matter, the atheists are better as they do not believe in God’s presence at all. Whats the point in believing on someone, and yet not having faith on Him. When we say that God is there, why cant we give Him a chance to bestow his love. We create images of God in our own mind, and try to believe that these are mere images, and nothing more.

How will God bestow his Love on to us? A very simple principle that works here is we have to follow the divine principles that God has laid down for us. Belief in God should stimulate us to know His virtues and his manifestations. We need to keep remembering God all the time. Many people complain that inspite of doing Spiritual practice and following the company of saintly people, they have not realized God. This is because of lack of faith and reverence for God, and also because of lack of God’s remembrance. There is a simple example for that – lets say you saw somebody on the street, whom you know. If you call that person once in a very feeble voice, he may not hear you. You have to call him repeatedly, and at a voice level which is audible to him. Similarly we need to remember God all the time, we need to chant his name. Again, many people say that they chant God’s name, yet to no avail. We should note one point here that in our above example, the other person listens to you, only when you speak at a voice level audible to him. Similarly we can realize God, only when we follow the principles and paths shown by God as per the scriptures.

We need to bestow and surrender all that we have onto Him, be it good or bad. A feeling has to come from inside that whatever happens to me, whether it is good or bad, it all because of God’s will and it is for the good only. Complete surrender to God’s will is the answer to have his blessing bestowed on to us. We have to realize the ever transcendental nature of God. We have to realize that God is all encompassing. It is Him who has set the laws of nature, it is Him who is the creator and it is also Him who is the destroyer. We have to experience Him in everyone and everything. All of us are mere constituents of Him. We have to understand that we all are the strings of the same chord. We are like a tree with different branches, but yet we have the same root. God is in good things. God is in bad things. God is all pervading, he knows everybody’s thoughts and action, he is supremely compassionate, supremely loving. God is the Supreme person, the Supreme Reality and the Supreme Spirit.

Surrender everything to God and see how beautiful the life becomes. All the actions, all the thoughts, all the feelings – bestow on to his Supreme feet. We are only the doer, He is the implementer. Have faith that whatever he has given or whatever he will give, is all that we require. Open your heart to receive His love. He is always there for us, we have to give him the chance to act, we have to have faith on our faith towards Him.

Surrendering to God does not mean that we should stop doing what is expected of us. Rather it means, that we should keep doing our duty, without getting perturbed by life’s ups and downs. With every upswing in life, we should not be overtly excited and for every downslide in life, we should not be too grieved about it. We need to have a spectator like attitude even though we may be the actors. Imagine how beautiful life will become when you are completely focused on the present task in hand, and when you know that you need not worry about anything else, as you have already surrendered everything to God.

So rise, awake, act, surrender and give divine a chance to act.

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