I dared to shout on wife to redeem!

I have won a gift hamper from Tour & Travel Company last month. I forget to collect it before the scheduled time mentioned by the company, so I went to their office and requested them to give it to me. They refused, telling me it is company policy not to permit it. Then I shouted angrily over at my wife, accusing her of not telling me about the letter we received from the company, with the last date of receiving the voucher.

I pretended that I was angry and was yelling at my wife. Then suddenly the branch manager turned up and tried to make me calm down. He politely told us to leave, and not create a scene. I left the office, but stayed on the premises, continuing to debate my wife. Ten-minutes later, the branch manager came out and told us to come back inside, and he handed us the voucher. Then he counseled me about my behavior towards my wife. I came out of the office with the voucher, pretending that I am still angry with her.

During the return home, my wife thanked me for acting as like angry and domineering cheap husband, which she knows I am not (:*)

In all, I felt sorry for my behavior, but happy that my wife got the idea at the first instance when I started the “acting.” And I have in return, appreciated her understanding and role- playing.

This is how my sharp mind and fiery tongue got me out a sticky situation.


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