Australian family on walkathon for welfare of Indian poor children

“Even Western countries are not spared from problems related to children like healthcare and education,” said Australian, Nick Petrucco, who is spearheading a walkathon from Kozhikode to Chennai with his family to create awareness among the public about child abuse and to raise funds to carry out charity works for underprivileged children.

The walkathon is being held under the auspices of Child Fund IndiaChild fund Australia and Beyond Synergy.

Nick Petrucco told TOI that his family wants to create awareness about child abuse and underprivileged children. He claimed that they had raised $52,000 in Australia for the same cause and they are confident about raising more funds in India. “We started our journey on December 9 and still the walkathon is in the primary stage,” says Nick who is visiting Mysore for the fourth time.

What made them support the cause is that they believe in doing things together. So far, they have covered 210km of the total 590km till their destination. Recalling his experience during the 210km walkathon, Nick says: “Till now, it was hot and humid. We are hoping that things will change when we restart our walkathon from Mysore.”

Earlier, the Australian family visited some of the angangwadi centres in the city. They distributed bicycles to girl children, school kits to children, educational packs for orphaned children, medical kits for HIV affected children, at a function here at Kiriya Pushpa campus on Thursday. They will leave Mysore on Friday.

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