Easy self defense techniques for women

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Self defense techniques for women?

Times have changed quite a lot since Moja Rone wrote his Super Karate Made Easy book, and now more and more women actively practice some sort of fighting system.

There are many women, indeed, who can be tougher than a man!

Whilst Karate does not distinguish between genders, not everyone practices Karate, another fighting system, or even basic self defense techniques.

That’s why I believe it is a good idea to include these 8 situational drills for women.

Now, practicing these drills won’t make you a full fleshed karateka. And they are no substitute for proper instruction by a qualified martial arts instructor, or a self defense class.

But, who knows? One day you may thank yourself for having studied and practiced these drills, should the need arise.

Of course, if you really want to gain the confidence of truly knowing that you can react assertively in any given situation, you should consider joining a self defense class, or even a martial arts club.

Karate may be a starting point for you. If you’re a woman, though, I would recommend you consider learning BJJ (Brazilian Ju-Jitsu).

There is a reason for this: Many attacks against women end up on the ground. Karate may help you in standing positions, but BJJ trains you on how to defend yourself once you’re down.

Believe me! This is an essential skill to have, as many assailants (and even professional fighters) do not know what to do in ground fighting situations.

For the time being, though, consider at least studying the following self defense techniques.

First Situation

In the first women’s self defense technique drill, an assailant tries to paw and touch your body. What do you do?

This is what you do: Don’t draw away.

Step closer to him, but stamp on his foot hard.

At the same time shove his chin back forcefully with the palm of hand counter attack.

Second Situation

Ok. Now consider this self defense technique situation: You’re sitting in a movie theatre. The man next to you begins to feel your leg. How do you repell his unwelcome sexual advance?

This is what you do: Jab your elbow sharply into his side. Another defense. Gently hold and lift his hand.

He will think you are responding to his advances. Then using both your hands, yank his thumb back as far as possible.

Third Situation

And what do you do if an attacker grabs your wrist?

This is what you do: Raise the captured arm as high as you can and follow thru with a knee kick to his groin.

Fourth Situation

You’re standing on a street corner waiting for a bus. It’s a dark, foggy night. A man sneaks up behind you and puts his arms around your chest. What can you do?

This is what you do: Grab his left wrist with your left hand and jab your right elbow into his ribs.

If possible also try to stamp on his feet with your heel.

Fifth Situation

What can you do if a man tries to embrace you, pulls you close to his body against your will?

This is what you do: Give him two-finger attack to his eyes.

With your left hand, apply the knife slash to his neck, and step on his feet as hard as you can… then run!

Sixth Situation

And what if a man tries to kiss you in back of the neck against your will?

This is what you do: Snap his head back fast and apply an elbow thrust to the rear toward his ribs.

And if he is your employer, you can sue him for sexual harassment, and press charges against him for sexual assault.

Seventh Situation

In this self defense situation drill, a man tries to put hand around your waist. What do you do?

This is what you do: Deliver a sharp side blow with your elbow.

Follow through with a knife slash to the neck.

Eight Situation


Finally, if a man tries to pull you close to him against your will, and yanks your arm toward his body. What can you do?

This is what you do: You move in, but deliver a swift kick to his groin or genitals… and then run to a safe place.

At the very least, I hope you don’t ever have to use the above self defense techniques… But if the need arises, I hope they become useful to you. I encourage you to take women’s self defense classes, to ensure you can protect yourself effectively.

Article source : http://www.karate-made-easy.com/self-defense-techniques-women.html



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