Help citizens in distress without fear: Delhi Police (Daro mat…….aagey barho or share karo)

The Delhi Police have releasedadvertisements assuring citizens they can now rush people in trauma on city roads to hospital and “leave immediately, with or without revealing their identity”. The measure comes weeks after the ghastly Nirbhaya gang rape, when on December 16 the profusely bleeding victim and her wounded friend lost precious minutes because not one motorist stopped to help them. 

Realizing that most people hesitate to help because of possible harassment and legal complications, the police advertisement says: “The priority is the victim. So, now save a life readily, it is free of harassment.” 

The police department describes the new campaign as an effort to reach out and reassure people they won’t be pressured into acting as witnesses and snared in legal tangles. “We want to tell everyone nothing comes before humanity,” said Tajinder Luthra, JCP (Northern Range). 

Our punch line makes this clear. It reads: When seconds count, questions don’t. We want tell everyone that saving an accident victim is now easy. The very first golden hour is critical, it decides the victim’s fate,” Tajinder Luthra, joint CP (Northern Range), said. 

Luthra added that the police would also reach out to hospital staff and doctors. “We need to educate them that they’ve no business questioning a Good Samaritan. Instead, they should focus on the victim. There’s no need to wait for the police to reach the hospital before accepting a medico-legal case.” 

The Delhi Police advertisement repeats that there are “clear directions from the Supreme Court that doctors in government and private hospitals must promptly attend to accident victims without waiting for the police to arrive.”

Source : Times of India (13 Jan 2013)


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