6 Inspirational Indians Who Chose Passion Over High Profile Jobs

The society is filled with people, who are running after their career in order to become billionaires. Such People can only complain about the wrong things happening in the country, but can never take an initiative to try something different. According to Indiatimes there are some people who gave up their highly paid jobs in order to bring a change in the society. Let’s take a look at their inspirational stories.


Medhavi Gandhi

Medhavi Sharma is an MBA graduate, who is the founder of NGO- Helping Hands foundation. While she was working with UNESCO on a college project, she got a chance to interact with various artisans and realized the challenges faced by them.

Being good artisans these people were adapting different ways of living, just because the products they used to make were hardly sold. They had to work as farm industrial and constructional labors in order to get their living means. Thus she started the NGO to empower these artists and craftsmen to preserve the cultural heritage of India.


Anirudh Sharma

Anirudh Sharma is a techie who thinks of awesome ideas and builds them. His interest in designing and technology made him create ‘Le Chal’, which helps visually challenged people to move around with the help of a mechanism in their shoes.

These shoes would guide the user towards their destinations with the vibrations in the front, back, or on either side. A vibration on the front indicates that they should keep going straight, a vibration on the left side means that they should turn left, and so on.


Sneha Kamath

Sneha is a sociology graduate from Mumbai who has quit her lucrative job in the construction industry for her passion. According to her women are never less than men and they can drive equally or better than men. Thus she started a driving school for Women.

She doesn’t make her students drive on empty roads in the dark hours. She takes them to the city’s streets, mostly when they are at their busiest and crankiest. She is been driving for past 20 years and have trained more than 350 students.

He invented a way to covert pollution in to printing ink too.

Sharad Dalve

Sharad Dalve is an assistant professor and teaches entomology at college of agriculture in Baramati. A few years back he lost his brother due to accidental ingestion of pesticides. Since then his vision is to make sure that every Indian is getting safe and organic vegetables and fruits. Thus he has started training farmer to grow pesticide free vegetables and fruits.

dsafsdfPunith Kumar

Punith is an entrepreneur, who is based in Bangalore. He has found a sports startup. An injury to his knee a few years back cut short Punith Kumar’s budding badminton career. That was the turning point for him deciding to spend his spare time training athletes with disability to rise up to their full potential.

He got inspired by the never give up attitude by the Para-athletes and their hard work to achieve the goals. His dream is to provide training for at least 10 such athletes who will be representing India in the 2020 Paralympics.

gdfgdgAkshay Phanse

Akshay is an inspiration for all those unemployed people and those who want to follow their passion. When he lost his job he followed his heart and took up music as his profession and started music classes called ‘morning blues’. Now he has around 30 students in his class and he is planning to start another class called ‘Swarsadhana’.

Source : http://jobs.siliconindia.com/career-news/6-Inspirational-Indians-Who-Chose-Passion-Over-High-Profile-Jobs-nid-184719.html/4

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