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The following list of books are available to be downloaded directly from this page at no charge.  To the best of our knowledge they are all in the public domain and no rights are infringed by their inclusion here.

Free Book # 1: 101 Things To Do Before You Die: (pdf)

Free Book # 2: The Book of Top Inspiring Quotes of All Time: (pdf)


Above Life’s TurmoilJames Allen Byways To BlessednessJames Allen
Lessons In Truth For The 21st CenturyEmille Cady
Open Your Mind To Receive – Catherine Ponder The Miracle Of LoveCatherine Ponder
The Impatient DawnWalter Lanyon 

The Power Of ThoughtHenry Thomas Hamblin
How To Live QuietlyAnnie Payson Call

Prosperity – Charles Filmore Teach Us To PrayCharles Filmore
Atom Smashing Power of Mind Charles Filmore
Dynamics For Living   Charles Filmore
Mysteries of GenesisCharles Filmore
Mysteries of JohnCharles Filmore
The Science Of Getting RichWallace D. Wattles
Thoughts Are ThingsPrentice Mulford 
Science And Health – Mary Baker Eddy
The Greatest Thing In The WorldHenry Drummond
The Science Of MindErnest Holmes 
The Secret Door To SuccessFlorence Scovel Shin
Your Word Is Your WandFlorence Scovel Shin
 On Sophistical RefutationsAristotle
The Bible – King James Version
The Art & Science Of Personal MagnetismT. Q. Dumont
The Power Of Concentration
Raja Yoga
Secret Of SuccessWilliam Atkinson Thought Force In Business & LifeWilliam AtkinsonThought VibrationWilliam Atkinson
AnalectsConfucius Doctrine Of The MeanConfucius Great LearningConfucius
An Enquiry Concerning Human UnderstandingDavid Hume
The Maine WoodsHenry David Thoreau
SiddharthaHerman Hesse
MeditationsRene Descartes
Interpretation Of DreamsSigmund Freud
Dynamics For Living – Charles Filmore
Awareness ItselfDe Graff
Atom Smashing Power of Mind – Charles Filmore
Songs Of Innocence & ExperienceWilliam Blake
Character Building Thought Power – Ralph Waldo Trine )
A Lamp Unto My FeetWalter Lanyon
A Royal DiademWalter Lanyon
As A Man ThinkethJames Allen
DhammapadaBuddhist Verse
The Twelve Powers of Man
First and Last Things – H.G. Wells
An Introduction To YogaAnne BesantThe Realization of Life – Rabindranath Tagore
The Kingdom Of God Is Within YouLeo Tolstoy 
Imitation Of ChristThomas A Kempis
Light, Life & LoveGerman Mystics of the Middle Ages
Golden Sayings Of Epictetus
How To Live On 24 Hours A DayArnold Bennet
Jesus Christ Heals

Teach Us To Pray
Second EssaysRalph Waldo Emerson
Tao Te ChingLao Tze
Isa, Katha and Kena UpanishadsTranslated by Swami Paramananda
The Varieties Of Religious ExperienceWilliam James
Yoga Sutras Of PatanjaliCharles Johnson
The Three Dimensions of a Complete LifeMartin Luther King Jr. 
MeditationsMarcus Aurelius
Essays, 2nd SeriesRalph W. Emerson Lecture On The TimesRalph W. Emerson Literary EthicsRalph W. Emerson Man The ReformerRalph W. Emerson

Nature Addresses & LecturesRalph W. Emerson

The Conduct Of LifeRalph W. Emerson

The ConservativeRalph W. Emerson

The Method Of NatureRalph W. Emerson

The TranscendentalistRalph W. Emerson

The Young AmericanRalph W. Emerson

Dynamics For LivingCharles Filmore
Atom Smashing Power of Mind – Charles Filmore
Myrtle Filmore’s Healing Letters
Christian Healing
The Conquest of Fear – Basil King
Keep A True Lent
Confessions of St. Augustine
Getting of WisdomHenry Richardson
The Koran
The Koran
Autobiography of a YogiParamahansa Yogananda

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