Clap your way to better health



If looking for a miracle cure for serious ailments then you can clap your way to good health. Crush chronic illness with your hands, says K.C. Bhardwaj, a 76-year-old self-styled yogi of Mandali village near Phagwara. He claims to have invented “clapping yogasana’.

His creative ‘asana’ was mocked at first by village residents, who called him a lunatic for waking them up daily before the break of dawn.

However, as the therapy worked, many are now themselves responsible for the noise clapping to keep good health.

“Over a decade back I was looking for a miracle cure to glaucoma. I had started lose vision in both eyes. I did not have the courage to undergo surgery. It was then I heard at a ‘satsang’ that clapping could cure diseases and that was why devotees clapped while reciting kirtans.”

Clapping stimulates blood circulation and removes all obstructions in the veins and arteries, including bad cholesterol. Bhardwaj claims that even the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirmed it as best exercise. “I regained my vision in about a year just by clapping for about half an hour every morning,” he reveals.

Explaining the method, he said before clapping one should apply coconut or mustard oil on the palms so that it was absorbed by the body. Wear socks and leather shoes to check leakage of energy waves generated in the body. Strike both hands against each other, right to left, keeping them straight facing each other and the arms a little loose. Fingertips and the palm of each hand should strike each other, advises Bhardwaj.

Initially, he says, clap 200 to 300 times the first day and increase the speed from 50 to 100 claps a minute and duration to about 20 minutes. A healthy person, who wants to keep fit, should clap 1,500 times a day.

Telling about the benefits of clapping, Bhardwaj claims the problems that would vanish over a period of time. Life threatening heart conditions, hypertension, and diabetes, depression, asthma, common cold, and arthritis, headaches, insomnia and hair loss could be cured by clapping, he says.

“Besides recognition from my students, my efforts also landed me and my ‘invention’ in the Limca Book of Records in 1997, for clapping 9,500 times; 158 claps in a minute, which was heard a km away during early morning hours,” notes Bhardwaj.

His advice to the people living in air-conditioned houses and working in offices, who do not sweat at all: clap as it would help blood circulation in the body and cleanse it fully.

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