A weak student – Inspirational

It was difficult for me to think of a good career as my low academic profile snatched all my confidence and made me suffer from inferiority complex for a long time. When I failed in class 7th it was less shocking for me, but all my hopes of getting in to a good career shattered when I failed in class 11th. I passed my SSC-CBSE (10th standard) with a miserable score of 44% and did my HSC – Punjab Board (12th Standard) privately and passed with 53% Marks. I appeared for some entrance exams for getting in to army but failed in first attempt itself. Being from a middle class family the expectations and academic failure frustrated me and literally has lost my mental balance to some extent.

Somehow I managed to get admission in BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and have completed it with 56% marks. During my graduation I realized that for a middle class family only supporting factor is studies and to survive with self-respect I have to be sincere towards my studies.

After my graduation I tried again and appeared for recruitment exams for the army but failed again. I also attempted for CAT to get into IIM’s, and many bank recruitment exams but my preparation was not good enough to even crack the first round.

At last my father asked me to start a business with a loan because he was sure of my failure in all attempts, which I might take further.

I found myself not suitable for business and requested my father not to force me into that and spare me some more time. A golden opportunity came to me when one of my uncle who is a businessman offered a financial assistance if I go abroad for computer studies. After this offer my family thought it as a ray of hope for my career but I knew my weakness in the technical subjects like maths etc and have never studied computers as a full time option so I tried to convince my family to let me peruse a management degree abroad but my father has directly decline my request and I also decided to stick to my area of interest as business management hence have missed the opportunity to study abroad also.

By the virtue of a newspaper I came across an advertisement an institute in Indore offering masters in Foreign Trade and have applied for the same. Finally got admission because the institute was newly opened and admission was easy.

I went for my masters with a determination to do better. Initially it was difficult for me to concentrate because my past started troubling me every now and then. The environment was also not friendly so I had difficultly in going along with people also.

But everyday I kept remembering that it’s the last chance for me to do my best in the studies and to make my future so I have started spending most of my time in library,cybercafes and with my books. My first presentation in my institute was utter failure because as I wasn’t comfortable with the language and was also not systemically prepared. After reaching hostel I felt humiliated but I elevated my spirits by motivating self to again strike back.

I have not looked back this incident and have done extremely good at all further presentation as well exams. I started identifying my SWOT and have identified many areas for self-improvement. Day and night I have worked on my attitude and have made it positive. I learnt that if you want others to motivate you then first we have to start motivating them and in this way I made the environment around me full of motivation and joy. I stood at third position in my third semester and was my first and last academic excellence, which is really difficult for me to forget. I always remember it as a movement of pride. All of my efforts and academic successes in my masters have positioned me in my institute and friend circle as a sincere and innovative person.

At last I passed my masters degree with 71% marks and stood in top 10 students of my class. Two years of my master’s degree has taught me the value of fortitude & sincerity and I have also realized the meaning of self-motivation during the same.

I got selected through the campus interview and have started my career as management trainee in their export deptt. with a soybean processing company with a stipend of Rs.3500/- per month. I worked sincerely during my 1 year of my work in my first job and have left the job for a better opportunity in Nagpur with a monthly salary of Rs.6000/- per month. I have worked on some of the crucial export projects successfully and made my mark in the company. Then after the span of 1 year and 3 months I left Nagpur company and moved to Mumbai to work for a biotech company with a monthly salary of Rs.15000/- per month.

After a year I got an opportunity on a package of Rs20000/- per month, which I have accepted and now working on the scale of Rs.25000/-after two years.

Today , after 13 years I am working on a Rs.1 lakh per month salary and have traveled over 16 countries.

I have never used any type of canvassing in my job and have explored all new job opportunities by my own efforts. I have overcome my academic low profile, ignorance and severe inferiority complex to regain my mental stability to peruse my career. I have not forgotten my grounds and my hard work to keep my career going on a right direction.

I was a total failure some years back but I am happy that now I mean something to the world!!


7 thoughts on “A weak student – Inspirational

  1. It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere……….??
    The only journey is the journey within.
    proud of YOU Nitin Dear…..,

    1. God bless you. Don’t give up ever in life. Academic failures are actually stepping stones to greater heights. You will have a better life if you start exploring the best in you. Take care.

  2. Very good inspirational story. It boosted my confidence to overcome my inferiority complex. The story is a live example of the consequences of persistent effort and an evergreen hope.

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